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Brand: Schiffer Publishing
The Stetson hat was the epitome of old west head wear...and much more. With beautiful full color photos, this history of the John Stetson Hat Company is richly illustrated with Stetson hats (men's and women's alike), hat boxes, miniature boxes, and a surprisingly large number of collectible items associated with this most famous hat company. A value guide is included.
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Brand: EMLGP
*Author: Barnartt, Sharon N. (EDT) *Series Title: Research in Social Science and Disability *Publication Date: 2010/11/09 *Number of Pages: 312 *Binding Type: Hardcover *Language: English *Depth: 1.25 *Width: 6.00 *Height: 9.00
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Brand: Pluto Press (UK)
Leading writers expose the scandalous world of corporate spin and its impact on media freedom, democracy and the health of our planet.
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Brand: UDUKE
*Author: Drinot, Paulo *Subtitle: Workers, Race, and the Making of the Peruvian State *Publication Date: 2011/04/25 *Number of Pages: 310 *Binding Type: Paperback *Language: English *Depth: 1.00 *Width: 6.25 *Height: 9.00
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Brand: Princeton University Press
How can fraternities maintain unique identities when a quarter of their membership turns over every year? How do successful firms retain their distinctive capabilities despite continual changes in personnel? To date, organizational scholars have had few compelling answers to such questions, despite their central importance to the study of organizational behavior and performance.
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Brand: Zed Books
As rural incomes collapse and farming becomes commercialized, swallowed up by the global supply chains of giant food corporations and supermarkets, a desperate situation is emerging in which there could soon be little place left for the hundreds of millions of smallholders across the world. In this clear and intelligent book, Thomas Lines examines the role that global policies have played in creating the crisis of rural poverty.
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Brand: USTAN
Ethnic Entrepreneurs examines how diverse groups, including indigenous communities in Latin America and Latino communities in the United States, have become visible and valuable as agents of economic development in Latin America in recent years.
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Brand: JAI Press
Advances in Entrepreneurship, Firm Emergence and Growth is now available online at ScienceDirect full-text online of volumes 4 onwards. Elsevier book series on ScienceDirect gives multiple users throughout an institution simultaneous online access to an important compliment to primary research. Digital delivery ensures users reliable, 24-hour access to the latest peer-reviewed content.
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Brand: Routledge
Are there feminist, economic utopian visions amongst feminist economists? What are these visions? Is there a common vision for feminist economics or should there be? Can feminist economics be effective without a utopian vision? Comprehensive and original, this book surveys the entire field of utopian literature; from Plato to the present.
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Brand: Pennsylvania State University Press
It is easy to feel overwhelmed and depressed by all the threats facing modern agriculture--threats to the environment, to the health and safety of our food, to the economic and cultural viability of farmers and rural communities. Hundreds of thousands of farmers leave their farms every year as the juggernaut of big agriculture plows across our rural landscape.
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Brand: Earthscan Publications
* When are numbers the basis for sound decisions and when do they result in planning and policy disasters? * An original and stimulating examination of the flaws and dangers of widely used international economic, development and poverty indices and how to improve them * A major new text for undergraduate courses in human geography, development studies and economics The use of numbers to condense complex systems into easily digested 'bites' of information is very much in fashion.
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Brand: Routledge
Through this important collection of articles by some of the leading analysts of consumption, cities and space Consuming the Entrepreneurial City offers a cutting-edge analysis of the ways in which cities are developing and the implications this has for their future. It is essential reading for students of urban studies, geography, sociology, cultural studies, heritage studies and anthropology.
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Brand: Sage Publications
Logit Modeling represents a breakthrough for researchers because it offers ways for more efficient estimation of models with multiple categorical variables, particularly whenever the measurement assumptions for classical multiple regression fail to be met. Taking an applied approach, DeMaris begins by describing the logit model in the context of the general loglinear model, moving its application from two-way to multidimensional tables.
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Brand: Earthscan Publications
* A revolutionary and practical guide for eradicating poverty and improving biodiversity conservation in any country, anywhere
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Brand: IDRC (International Development Research Cent
Volume 2 examines the setting, operations and effects of community telecenters. It describes the telecenter experiences of a variety of local and often rural communities, exploring the management structures and mechanisms that have been established to support these telecenters. The book provides profiles of telecenter usage and discusses the potential and challenges of setting up and maintaining community telecenters in the context of poor information infrastructure and limited human capacity.
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