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Brand: Nest Family
Episode 12: David on the Run King Saul is out to kill his most successful and loyal soldier, David. While David finds refuge through the people of God, Saul shows no respect for God or his people. See the results of their decisions as this tale unfolds.
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Brand: Unknown
The depressed situation of all my associates in the invention has thrown the whole burden of again attempting a movement entirely on me. With the trifling sum of five hundred dollars I could have had my instruments perfected and before Congress six months ago, but I was unable to run the risk, and I therefore chose to go forward more slowly, but at a great waste of time.
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Brand: Xlibris Corporation
This book is a story of how the human body, has everything to do with the Kingdom of Heaven. For the Lord told us that the Kingdom of Heaven is within us. Many in the churches of today do not yet know this, and if they did, they probably would rather forget it, for with these revelations come many other truths about our God, and the Kingdom of Heaven, which they are not prepared to receive.
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Brand: Luath Press Limited
A revealing account of life on the Scottish island of Mull during the first quarter of the 20th century, focusing especially on the years of WWI, from the son of the governor of Mull's poorhouse (one of the last in the Hebrides). Peter MacNab's fisherman's yarns and other personal reminiscences are delightfully told by a born storyteller.
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Brand: Woodland Press (MN)
The much-anticipated biography of America's Favorite Family of Gospel Music, the Hoppers, is available. This is the account of the Hoppers, the longtime anchors of the Gaither Homecoming videos and television shows, and award winning Gospel artists. There are also many rare and personal photos of the family from their beginnings in 1957 to today. The Hoppers have established a Southern Gospel legacy over the last half-century.
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Brand: Sports Publishing
Milo Hamilton has called 11 no-hitters and a World Series, often in tandem with such broadcast legends as Jack Buck, Jack Brickhouse, Bob Elson, and Harry Caray. His work was so well-received that he was enshrined into the broadcasters? wing of the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1992. He received an even more unexpected honor eight years later ? election to the exclusive Radio Hall of Fame, of which only seven other baseball broadcasters belong.
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Brand: Penguin Audiobooks
From the author of the bestselling Hammer of the Gods comes a groundbreaking, revelatory, and often shocking new biography of the singer, poet, and icon who remade rock history. Unabridged. 11 CDs.
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Brand: Southern Illinois University Press
J. W. Childress loved farming but was lousy at it. His family--including his wife, children, and stepson--toiled as sharecroppers and migrant workers in fields of cotton, broomcorn, and peanuts in the Ozarks of Missouri and Oklahoma and were continually defeated by hardship and agrarian ineptitude as they struggled to stay united amid adversity.
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Brand: Alyson Publications
When his high school gym teacher divided the class into two teams, Shirts and Skins, for a game of touch football, Tim Miller knew I was always going to be on the team where the boys took their clothes off and got close to each other .
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Brand: Greenwood Press
An account of the composer's day-to-day life as evidenced in various kinds of biographical sources, this work reveals the astonishing succession of meetings with the glitterati of Europe and the awe-inspiring effect Mozart had on other composers--and their envious responses. It also places him at home with his wife and family, battling against heart-rending financial failure while his operas were being performed across Europe.
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Brand: Limelight Editions
The Burke Family Singers were America's answer to the Trapp Family Singers of The Sound of Music. Throughout the 1960's they toured the country from coast to coast, performing in small towns and major cities. They were interviewed on radio, sang on television, including The Ed Sullivan Show, played venues as diverse as a Bible Belt church and a Native American reservation, and during their travels met Dick Gregory, John Payne, Jimmy Durante and Buster Keaton.
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Brand: Chemical Heritage Foundation
Eilhard Mitscherlich (1794-1863), one of the founders of modern chemistry, held the first chair of chemistry at Berlin University for over 40 years. His life mirrors the development of chemistry in its classical period. The book is balanced and judicious, bases itself on extensive archival research, takes into account the best and most recent scholarship, and fully reflects H. W. Schutt's solid understanding of the chemistry and its historical context.
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Brand: Xlibris Corporation
Using four different approaches, or in this case chapter headings, I try to understand as well as to explain a series of interrelated incidents, events and voluntary actions leading to the creation of the identity of the stranger, a nickname consistently mentioned in a considerable number of rock songs, many of which have become major hit songs in the National Rock Hit Charts.
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Brand: Unknown
Harald took the sword, drew it, or was half drawing it, admiringly from the scabbard, when the English excellency broke into a scornful laugh, Ha, ha; thou art now the feudatory of my English king; thou hast accepted the sword from him, and art now his man! (acceptance of a sword in that manner being the symbol of investiture in those days.) Harald looked a trifle flurried, it is probable; but held in his wrath, and did no damage to the tricksy Englishman.
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Brand: Tutis Digital Pub
The first scholarly edition of a classic science fiction novel.
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