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Brand: Ball Dynamics
Swiss Ball Applications Book by Joanne Posner-Mayer PT. Get the most out of your FitBALL with these informative tools. The 90-minute DVD introduces rehab and fitness professionals to Swiss ball use. The book works well as a patient training guide and features over 500 exercise variations (212 pages). Most exercises are also featured in the easy-to-use card deck.
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Brand: Human Kinetics Publishers
A synthesis of current research in an emerging field
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Brand: Rand Corporation
Assesses the context and goals that were the foundation for the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality''s patient safety initiative.
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Brand: Columbia University Press
Practitioners who work with clients at the end of their lives face difficult decisions concerning the client''s self-determination, the kind of death he or she will have, and the prolongation of life. They must also remain sensitive to the beliefs and needs of family members and the legal, ethical, and spiritual ramifications of the client''s death.
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Brand: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
This unique book provides a rare look at social work and palliative care from the perspective of the service user. It is also the first to investigate specialist palliative care social work from this viewpoint. Drawing on new original research, the authors examine service users? experiences of social work and palliative care, investigating in particular the effects of culture and difference on this experience and analyzing care based on the users? remarks. The writers then link service users?
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Brand: Haworth Press
International Social Health Care Policy, Program, and Studies presents a collection of papers drawn from the Ninth Doris Siegel Memorial Fund Colloquium that focuses on social work and international health issues, emphasizing an international exchange and cooperation as a crucial facet of meeting global health challenges.
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Brand: UDUKE
A transnational ethnography of traditional Chinese medicine practitioners in China and the US.
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Brand: Routledge
Ethnicity and the Dementias offers invaluable background information in this area, while also examining how those suffering from dementia and their family members respond or adapt to the challenges that follow.
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Brand: Praeger Publishers
AIDS is the second-leading cause of death among African American women between the ages of 18 and 44. African American women constitute 63% of all cases of AIDS among women in the United States. Gathering the collective wisdom of scholars, researchers, and social work professionals, this volume focuses on the primary population of women impacted by AIDS, presenting culturally sensitive responses that meet the specific needs of African American women.
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Brand: McFarland & Company
This is a study of obesity in America from 1850 to 1939, concentrating on how the condition was viewed, studied, and treated. It examines the images and stereotypes that were associated with fatness, the various remedies that were proposed for the condition, and the often bizarre theories used to explain it, including the idea that ordinary tap water was fattening. From about 1850 to 1879, obesity existed almost exclusively among the upper class, and it received very little medical attention.
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Brand: Routc
Social Work Visions from Around the Globe examines the fundamental principles and dilemmas of social work with people whose health is under threat. This valuable resource was compiled from material presented at the Third International Conference on Social Work in Health and Mental Health in Tampere, Finland.
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Brand: Routledge
The Obesity Epidemic adds a much-needed voice of skepticism to the increasingly alarmist debate about weight and health. Gard and Wright show that obesity is above all a deeply problematic cultural and political concept, making clear that the social meaning of fat is determined largely by moral and ideological agendas -- agendas that are all the more powerful because they cloak themselves in the mantle of objective science and public health.
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Brand: State University of New York Press
Argues convincingly, if counterintuitively, that modern medicine has little impact on longevity or mortality.
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Brand: LXTON
Tanzanian Women in Their Own Words is a compilation of oral histories by Tanzanian women living with disabilities or chronic illnesses. The narratives encourage readers to consider issues of health care, transportation, ignorance, polygamy, gender discrimination, and rural isolation.
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Brand: Haworth Press
The recent sweeping changes in health care present social workers with a variety of new issues in ethics, practice, and policy. Social workers must deal with the human implications of such wider trends as lack of social support and multicultural poverty in urban areas, as well as the specifically medical issues of organ transplants, behavioral medicine, and managed care.
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