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Brand: University Alabama Press
This first-hand account tells the story of turbulent civil rights era Atlanta through the eyes of a white upper-class woman who became an outspoken advocate for integration and racial equality.
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Brand: University of Chicago Press
Addressing volatile social issues such as gender, pornography, race, welfare, immigration, and schooling, Alan Wolfe examines the ills of American society in the 1990s. He shows that it is possible to be simultaneously critical and fair, and concludes that social criticism does not lie within the boundaries of either left-wing or right-wing ideas, but rather is connected to a broad understanding of liberalism.
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Brand: Columbia University Press
While in prison, Gramsci wrote a series of notebooks covering an extraordinarily wide range of issues; they are his principal achievement. Written without thought of publication, the pages of Gramsci's notebooks record and reveal this interests in history and historiography, the role of intellectuals in society, political theory, philosophy, Americanism and Fordism, religion, education, cultural analysis, literature, folklore, and linguistics.
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Brand: Palgrave Macmillan
This wide-ranging text introduces students to the diversity of theoretical perspectives on welfare, looking at how different schools of thought have evolved, how they have responded to changing conditions, how they have conflicted, or borrowed from, one another. The book offers a clear conceptual understanding and crisp evaluation of key theorists, both illuminating the distinctiveness of each ideology and highlighting important continuities in thought.
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Brand: Commonwealth Secretariat
Liberally scattered with practical examples, this book provides a convincing case for an increased emphasis on informal employment and gender in poverty reduction strategies. It sets out a strategic framework that presents important guidelines for policy-makers seeking to follow this approach.
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Brand: ESSBB
The capabilities approach (CA) is considered to be a philosophical approach to social justice, a scientific approach to research welfare production on a macro and micro level, and eventually as a potentially new, practically adoptable principle for educational and social service delivery. CA is currently one of the most influential attempts to reconcile the competing demands which are associated with the fundamental conceptions of equality, recognition, and liberty.
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Brand: Temple University Press
Few issues in contemporary U.S. politics have remained on the public agenda so long and so divisively as abortion policy. The landmark Supreme Court decision of Roe v. Wade, which held that laws prohibiting first trimester abortions were illegal because they violated a woman's right to privacy, still generates heated controversy today, a quarter of a century after it was made.
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Brand: Garland Publishing
This book proposes a model for examining the relationsihp between multiple types of childhood trauma-physical, sexual and psychological abuse, exposure to domestic violence-and psychological functioning in a sample of 140 homeless adolescents.
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Brand: Palgrave Macmillan
This volume presents a range of topical investigations into the human rights field as well as providing an original and provocative investigation of some of the topic through the theoretical lens of silence.
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Brand: Prometheus Books
The increasing amount of violence in the United States in recent years has led to measures to control gun purchases and limit their availability. Against the arguments of gun-control lobbyists, who want to further decrease the number of weapons, or even ban guns altogether, are the voices of those who contend that gun bans are unrealistic solutions to crime, and serve only to deny a valid form of self-defense to law-abiding citizens.
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Brand: Oxfam
There is a crisis destroying the livelihoods of 25 million coffee producers around the world. The price of coffee has fallen by almost 50 per cent in the past three years to a 30-year low. Farmers sell at a heavy loss while branded coffee sells at a hefty profit. The coffee crisis has become a development disaster whose impacts will be felt for a long time. Families dependent on the money generated by coffee are pulling their children, especially girls, out of school.
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Brand: University of California Press
This study opens a critical perspective on the slow death of socialism and the rebirth of capitalism in the world''s most dynamic and populous country. Based on remarkable fieldwork and extensive interviews in Chinese textile, apparel, machinery, and household appliance factories, Against the Law finds a rising tide of labor unrest mostly hidden from the world''s attention.
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Brand: 101 Productions
The Network Society looks the challenges that the new paradigm of the Network Society creates Urban and Regional Planning. Chapters grouped into five themes discuss theoretical and practical perspectives on the contemporary organization of social, economic, cultural, political and physical spaces. The first section looks at models of the Network Society. The second looks at the impact of physical networks such as transport.
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Brand: 101 Productions
It is a comprehensive history of utopian urbanism both as a social movement and as a movement in urban planning in the past century. It begins with Ebenezer Howard's garden cities movement and then moves from Le Corbusier to the surrealists to the situationists.
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Brand: ESESP
Though the Indian economy has achieved a substantial growth rate of 9 percent, the problem of unemployment and poverty in the rural areas of the country continues to be a cause of serious concern. During the last three decades, the rich have become richer and the poor miserably poorer. Even the marginal farmers have become landless labourers.
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